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The category “Film Downloads” offers entertaining sailing films for immediate download and stream. Both downloads and streams are mp4 files and playable on any computer, as well as iOS and Android devices. Ideally, films are downloaded to a computer, as e.g. Apple’s iPad allows film downloads only from the iTunes Store. After downloading they can easily be transferred to an iPad. Registered customers can both download and stream their purchased films to a device of their choice after log-in. Simply select ‘My download products’ in the customer area and click on the corresponding ‘watch now’ link. Due to copyright protection we cannot provide this service to guests.

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  1. UNTIE THE LINES - HD Filmdownload
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    Praised as a “true wanderlust film”: Untie The Lines is a movie about one woman’s determination to grab hold of her dream and making it reality, embarking on a three year long solo sailing adventure. This movie triggers our "Fernweh", the wish to break away from the norm and to pursue our dreams. 

    Untie The Lines is made from the weekly YouTube documentary in which Berenike Steiger, called Nike, is portraying the ups and downs of her dream to live on a sailboat and to travel the world by sea. Nike, former marketing manager from Lüneburg (Northern Germany), decides to quit her job and let go of the comforts of home in her early thirties. She reduces her belongings to the essentials, packs her bags and buys an old sailboat in Panama. Even though she has very little sailing experience, she dreams to set sails with her boat that she calls “Karl” - all by herself. The casting off is a big challenge: The condition of the boat was a lot worse than expected, the engine fails continuously and the hull is damaged from corrosion. Quickly, two months of planned repairs turn into twelve. Nike is starting to doubt her own abilities and begins to wonder if she made a big mistake in buying such a work-intensive boat. But she does not give up and finally makes her dream come true – she unties the lines. Learn More

  2. Single-handed around the atlantic – SEASON 1: From Germany to the Caribbean  / HD Film-Download-Bundle
    $20.00 *

    Just a few years ago the german Guido Dwersteg discovered his passion for sailing. Since then, hardly a minute went by, in which he did not dream of long journeys and adventures on the high seas. In spring 2012, his time had come. He started with his little "Carpe Diem" single-handed from the Baltic Sea to the Caribbean. SEASON 1 of his lovingly produced sailing documentary „Single-handed around the atlantic“ gives you a close insight to the experiences, feelings and problems while traveling over 6.000 nautical miles.

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  3. Barefoot across the Atlantic in a Shark24 - HD Filmdownload
    $14.99 *

    These days a lot of people crossing the Atlantic do so in expensive yachts with whirlpools and waiters. André Kurreck and Tim Wolf demonstrate that with the right sailing skills, weather planning and a bit of courage you can also master the Big Pond with basic equipment. See what thrills and spills the two-man crew got up to during their 25-day trip in the film “Barefoot across the Atlantic in a Shark24”.

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  4. Between Home - HD Filmdownload
    $10.00 *

    Between Home is a high spirited,  poetic adventure documentary, that chronicle’s a young person’s rites of passage, from novice sailor to expert in three years of life aged in salt, sun and wind.

    In May 2007, after a chance meeting in a Berlin bar, Australian Nick Jaffe confesses to ex-pat filmmaker Jack Rath that he’s needs to learn to sail so  he can make a 26.000 km passage from Europe home to Australia. Fascinated with what might possess a 25 year old with no sailing experience to  take on such a challenge, and questioning if it’s Nick’s mysterious family history that’s the catalyst for his voyage, Jack vows to follow him. Filmed over four years, ‘Between Home’ documents the odyssey of this Australian whiz-kid programmer and artist – from England and his purchase  of a second hand-boat in desperate need of repair, through to his homecoming some three years later and the isolation, fear and exhilaration of the  journey in between.

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